Our mission – to provide sound environmental solutions to landholders and government authorities in Victoria

Environmental solutions examples throughout Victoria

Landlinks Environmental Services P/L is dedicated to provide customers with professional and reliable environmental solutions throughout Victoria.

We travel across Victoria including Metropolitan Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, West Gippsland, Mornington Peninsula and the South Eastern Region. We also travel to other parts of Victoria and interstate on request.

Weed control

Landlinks weed control services is able to undertake a variety of weed control works.

  • Weed identification and control programs designed and facilitated
  • Roadside weed control via twin reel Quik spray units
  • Private land and difficult access weed control
  • Quad bike boom spraying and spot spraying – difficult and sensitive areas
  • Sensitive knapsack herbicide application in areas such as wetlands or high conservation areas
  • Hand pulling weeds
  • Woody weed control – cut & paint, drill & fill as well as chipping
  • Roadside shoulder & drain spraying with vehicle mounted boom

Bushland reserve maintenance

  • Planting – in all terrains and locations
  • Site maintenance – programs designed to maintain sites
  • Weed spraying via 4x4 ute with Quik spray, 4x4 Quad bike,
  • Grass control by 4x4 tractor and brushcutter
  • Knapsack spraying
  • Hand pulling of weeds
  • Litter removal
  • Minor capital works such as sign installation, park infrastructure installation, erosion and sediment control, drainage and walking track construction
  • Grant preparation
  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans
  • Vegetation management - chain sawing, pruning and chipping of vegetation

Tree works

  • Tree removal & pruning
  • Vegetation chipping
  • Woody weed removal


  • Slashing small or large blocks
  • We come to you as we transport our tractors on trucks
  • Difficult terrain specialists
  • Front end loaders fitted to tractors
  • Posi Track Slashing
  • Regrowth, dead blackberry canes, tall grass or any vegetation call for a free quote

Environmental advice and guidance

  • Land Management Plans for council planning & building permit applications
  • Advice on specialist environmental projects such as fire recovery and landslip recovery
  • Sustainable farming options and other environmental solutions
  • Advice on managing remnant bushland on private property
  • Environmental solutions for people new to living on land as well as solutions for people wanting to do more

Slashing - firebreaks, reserves, vacant land & private properties

Slashing for Fire Prevention

Environmental solutions underway in Victoria


  • All types of landscaping - private, commercial & streetscape
  • Project design and delivery
  • Expereinced & qualified team
  • Earthmoving, mulching & planting


  • Project design and delivery
  • Grant preparation
  • Site preparation – spraying out, ripping
  • Planting – tubestock in all terrains and locations
  • Site maintenance – programs designed to maintain planting sites
  • Planting of shelter belts
  • Planting of wildlife corridors and biolinks
  • Jute mat installation and erosion & sediment control works
  • Planting of wetlands, retarding basins, wet areas on farms, dams
Seedlings for tree works in Victoria

Boom Spraying

Difficult area planting on ropes with trained staff in 'working at heights"

Revegetation Project